Can't publish project from Studio to Robot


I have bought an UiPath Robot license and installed on a server. I’m trying to publish a project that I’ve already created on Studio in that machine so I can run it using the robot.

Unfortunately, the Studio button “Publish” is not enabled. Is this correct? How can I publish this workflow to execute using robot?

You should be able to publish locally, but i assume you dont have the Orchestrator right? What kind of robot license you got and are you sure you want your Studio installed in the same place you want to run the Robot? If button is grayed out, maybe you have a running project at that time or maybe some licensing problem.

I have an Attended Robot license and I’m trying to publish locally. Yes, I don’t have Orchestrator. I don’t that, I have the Studio dev installed in another machine. I’m not sure how to publish from another server to that server run.

How can I do that?


You can copy all your folder files to the machine which studio dev is installed and try to publish locally from there

Hope this helps


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Yes, I can do this. But how can I make a robot that is installed in another machine to run that process that was published locally on another?

Just copy the package you publish locally to the following folder where you have your assistant installed:


It works!! Thank you

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