Can't pass RPA Advanced Training Assignment 2

Hello everyone.

As I mentioned in the title, I can’t seem to pass the Level 3 Advanced Training, Assignment 2. I have tried to do it myself without looking at the walkthrough, and I got the result I wanted but with a very long processing time, and I didn’t pass. So I thought maybe I did something wrong, and turned to check the walkthrough posted. I followed the walkthrough, and apparently the processing time is still very slow. Checked out the community forum and apparently people are having the same problem, and using some of the solutions there, I managed to get the robot to work much faster than before. The problem is still being that the process itself is probably not fast enough. Looking at the orchestrator, it said the average processing time is 77 seconds, and I think that is definitely not fast enough to be evaluated.

I don’t know if there’s any way that it could go faster than that, but I’ve tried all I could think of, and didn’t succeed. I’m not really sure if the problem was with the processing time, really, maybe it was something else, there’s no description in the RPA Academy, telling why my process failed. I’ve done 5 tries so far, and always got 0/100 every time.

Another thing I’m concerned about is, the walkthrough wrote to create 2 separate processes: dispatcher and performer. I ran the dispatcher myself and submitted only the performer part. Am I doing this wrong?

Please help me as I am lost.

Thank you.

EDIT: I’m looking for the REFramework solution, as instructed in the walkthrough, and not the normal one.

Hi @Krishna_547

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately, I’m actually looking for an exercise on REFramework, and not the normal workflow, so I can’t accept your solution.
Sorry, and thank you again for replying.

Hi Krishna_547

We are not allow to send, the whole assignment in the forum, If a person has a problem with a workflow, s/he has to say where s/he is having difficulties then we help. Would advise you delete the attachment from your post .

Thank you,

hi @tshedzamclay,

Hi Priscilla

Please note that even your network plays a role in the speed of the Bot when it is processing things in the Internet, so is your network is weak it will take time because some activities thee Bot has to wait until they are active so what you can do is set WaitForReady property in your activities to None instead of Interactive