Can't open .xaml file in Visual Studio 2017


Steps to reproduce:
Copy .xaml from UiPath into VS solution
Include in Project
Open .xaml
Massive number of errors

Expected Behavior:
Would like to be able to run the .xaml from Visual Studio
We will be creating unit tests to Invoke them.

Am I missing a UiPath API that I don’t know about it?


Hi @closl,

Take a look here : How to use UiPath file in Visual Studio?





I replied to your post… Still having problems.



Perhaps you can help me… I have been trying to get in touch with a sales person for UiPath for almost 3 weeks. Do you know how I can make that happen? It’s really frustrating to call the number just to get put on hold for 6 minutes, then be disconnected with the voice saying to “call back later”.

Why isn’t anyone returning my calls?