Can't open UiPath Orchestrator - it's hanging and entering into redirect loop


I’m trying to open UiPath orchesrator after loggin in to using my account.

The orchestrator not open and entering into redirect loop. Knowing that I tried multipe accounts and multiple browsers at the same device and the issue still persist.

When I tried on another device using the same account, the issue no appeared.

My device OS is windows 10.


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Please clear your browser cache…better to remove all the cache and history and try again

Else try using incognito mode and check if issue persists


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Thank you @Anil_G

I have tried to clear the cache and incognito mode and the issue still persists :sob: :sob: :sob:


Can you try cleaning the history…cache and all for all time and then try please



I have tried and the same issue still persists :sob: :sob: :sob: