Can't open studiox made projects files

Hello everyone I am new here,

And here is my query

I am new to uipath too,and I am working on studiox I
am making simple project files
But today when I opened my projects which I made,
It’s showing can’t open files and recommend me to open them in studio version instead studiox.
Plz help

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Hi @Ankur_kaushik,

Warm welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Could you please post the error screenshot…

Thanks :+1:

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Hey @Ankur_kaushik, Are you trying to open the project.json file ?

No,I am opening my projects I made ,all of them showing the same but they open when I switch to studio instead of studiox

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Could you please share any xaml file here

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where would I find them

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@Ankur_kaushik, Can you able to see some xaml files as below in your project folder.


Thanks :slight_smile:

these files all i have got

Hey @Ankur_kaushik,

Yes try opening any of that workflow file from studio x.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I am opening these files in studiox ,then only I get that problem of not getting support,:disappointed:

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Could you please re-install the application.

There may be version conflicts.

Okay I will try

Looking at the picture and at the path …/BlankProcess/ i would say that’s a studio project and not a studiox project. Also how come do you have so many xaml files in the project folder? In studiox you are not able to create another sequence linked to the project.
If it would be a studiox project the path would be …/NewBlankTask/

Switch to studio to open that project.
Which studio/studiox version do you use?