Can't open Studio Setup application in my Macbook

Trying to run the Studio Setup.exe application in my Macbook Air, however, I get a message indication that this Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.

Any help, recommendations??

Hello @rolando.leon_seas,

As per the following link, UiPath Studio can be installed only in windows machines:


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Also, this contain interesting information:


I see, so sad not able to run it in my personal laptop, as the other that I have is my company laptop, which is Windows, but I am having issues with the UiPath extension setup in Chrome as it is blocked by company policy.
I will check if I can have an exemption on this.

Appreciate your support.

I will give it a chance and try this recommendation.

@rolando.leon_seas - if you have trouble with the chrome extension you can also use Internet Explorer which is working without any extension if this is the only issue on the company laptop.