Can't obtain an outlook email message using the datereceived property in the filter option of the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity

Hi everyone!!!

I want to retrieve a specific mail and mark it as read using the Filter option of the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity.

In the filter option I’m using this

“@SQL=(urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail = '” + mail.From.Address + “’ ) and (urn:schemas:httpmail:subject = '” + mail.Subject + "’ )"

And I want to add this attribute

“urn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived = dateMail.ToString(“M/d/yy h:mm tt”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(“en-us”))”

Please notice that I’m using the “equals” operator because I want to make sure that I get the correct mail and not another one that has the same sender and subject (In the process that I’m automating It could happen).

Also, I obtain the mail’s received date with this DateTime.Parse(mail.Headers(“DateRecieved”)) so I may assume that this date is equivalent to this one “urn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived”.

Well, the thing is that the activity doesn’t retrieve any mail when I use the “datereceived” attribute and the “equals” operator and I don’t know why. In the first place, I wanted to filter by the mail’s Uid but the activity doesn’t allow me so I’m trying to find a way to obtain a specific mail using the from, subject and daterecieved attributes.

Before creating this topic I read some other topics related to this problem but couldn’t find a solution.

I would really appreciate if someone could lend me a hand.