Can't match two datatable

Hello Friends,

I had two datatable the first has a column named :

and another column named:

the whole datatable is like:

the second datatable is :

the two datatable contain a column named “INSEE” for the first datatable and “INSEE_pour_BOP” for the second with the same values.

based on the column “INSEE” for the first datatable, i want to get the “Montant initiale” and put it in thecolumn “Montant_Initial” of the second.

I used lookupdatatable:

i got the following error:

Write Line: La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet.

Hey !

Try like this:

Take one for each row in dataTable Mention First Dt

Take one Assign activity

Input1 = CurrentRow1("ColumnName").ToString.Trim

Take one for each row in dataTable Mention Second Dt

Take one Assign activity

Input2= CurrentRow1("ColumnName").ToString.Trim

Take one if condition



In then Do what ever you want

In else Give Continue


debug the flow and check for the variable with null value causing the message that there is not set a reference