Can't login webpage after Studio upgraded from 2018 version to 2019.10 version


I have created a program using version 2018 that allows user to key in credentials, use these credential to login to a website (using recording ) and it was running fine. However my Uipath Studio was recently upgraded to version 2019.10 after purchase of new license and the program halted. I tried to edit the selector but it didn’t work. I recreated a fresh coding to get the bot to dp likewise but it didn’t work either. Can soneone help to advise how to overcome the problem? I have various such coding in the program that uses recording/selector and desparately need to know how to get the program running again. Thank you.


Welcome to our uipath community.

May be the packages you used in old version of studio may not exist in new Uipath version and also many things got changed in the new version.

You need to regenerate the code again with new version and check it. And also may I know what error are you getting here ?


Thanks for the prompt reply.

It did give some kind of prompt to re-generate the code when I open the coding (created from old version) with new version. However when I click run, the bot was unable to key in the credential as what it used to do before change in version. After a long wait, the program halted with the error msg “UI element not found”.




When if first open a project created in an older version it will bring it up to date with the newer version but you still need to update your project packages through the manage packages. Give this a whirl and retest your process.