Can't login Acme System 1

It should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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Yes working now.Thanks

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I had the same problem but now, it’s working fine for me. I think acme had some sort of internal issues.

Again, can’t login in ACME System 1.

Hi @Rasool_Mohammed

It seems to be working on my end. Could you try again in a few minutes or on a different browser / network?

Its working right now

Not working again( Now working …:slight_smile: )

Its working now.

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Having the same issue again!

Same here. Can’t login ACME System1 manually. Hopefully they can postpone the free certificate deadline…I’m working on Level 3 Assignment 2

Cant login right now. I was able to do so about an hour ago, but right now nothing happens when I type in my credentials. I a confident that those are correct as robot which was able to do the login, is not able to do so anymore. Please fix this asap as I am in the middle of the certification process.

Same goes for me. Also can’t login to certificate.uipath. Also happened while trying to certificate yesterday. It’s ridiculous.

The only thing left is to upload the project file and this happens! Can’t login to certification portal.

It’s not working for me too…

It would be nice if they put a message saying servers are down… :frowning:

Hi @Aqua1986

It should be working, our team spotted the issue and immediately fixed it.

Please give it a second and try again. It should work.

Great, thanks!
I have another issue though. Last time I was about to do the practical exam I had to stop before finnishing. Now whne I logged in to the portal, I had to click some finish link to proceed. Now It says I have to wait for grading, eventhough I did not submit any project. How could I get my hands on the new practical assignment?

Yes, it’s working.

Thanks! J

I am trying to submit assignment but not able to login ACME system 1… if we provide the correct username and password, the page just reloads…

Hi I am facing issue with the login to ACME system1, it is jut getting refresh even when I enter the correct credentials, can some one please help me

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