Can't locate hard-coded values in project

I keep getting a failed criteria error about hard-coded variables in my project, but I’ve checked every single activity and file 5+ times now and can’t find a single remaining hardcoded value. Every potential variable, filepath, etc I’ve placed into my Config file and reference that instead. Any thoughts as to how I can better locate the root of this issue?

There shouldn’t be an error throw for hardcoded values…

Can you paste the screenshot of that error?

I think that the question refers to the project submission on the academy or the advanced certification, @jetpope can you confirm this? If I recall correctly they will show errors if they see hardcoded values.

If you can’t find any hardcoded values left in your xaml files then you can either post here to let us take a look for any or you can message one of the UiPath forum mods and see if they can make sure that the judging is working as expected.

Yes this is from the advanced certification feedback. I have messaged them and they won’t look at projects individually but assured me it’s working fine.


You can open xamls in notepad and parse it using some script checking for integer values in certain nodes (I am sure there will be something in TimeOutMS or delay after/delay before or DelayBetween keys having a hardcoded value)

Individually looking at projects is just not feasible because there will be ‘n’ number of people submitting their assignments and humans can make mistakes but a right script will have way less errors in detecting that (unless there is a bug).

Look through what I have suggested or post your xamls here maybe we can peruse through it.

Regards :slight_smile: