Can't Iterate to next row after move from other Tab


I have issue can’t iterate to next row in Grid after open file in second tab and go back to first tab.

Currently I have web page that display list of data in Gridview. After I click “Details” button in first gridview it will show pdf file in second gridview.
Next I will click the pdf file and will open the file in second tab.
I continue by close second tab and continue to click second row in First gridview
to repeat the process.
The problem is after I move from second tab to first tab, the cursor won’t go to next row of the gridview. It always click the first row.

This issue not happend when the process not continue to second tab.
I don’t know what the issue.

Please see my illustration image.

Thank you.


How are you doing it…

Ideally you can use for each ui element activity

And inside pass currentelement to input element to click on the details



Either use a dynamic selector for details button taking an attribute like index, row, or column numbers and then do a click.

Also, you can do whats suggested above, use a For Each Ui Element activity


I am new toUIPath, do you have example how to iterate Gridview or table using For each UI element? I can’t find the similar sample in google.

I just need click each button in tables/gridview based on other columns value.

Thank you,


Please check this.

You need to indicate a single details button or row and remaining similar elements are identified