Can't Invoke Process - Attended Automation Features in Studio

Hello guys,

I was doing the lesson about Invoke Process and I couldn’t invoke the EnableNewServices process using the activity in Studio. I published it at Orchestrator and installed in UiAssistant, but when I run the workflow (CostumerServiceClient) that invokes it, it’s like doens’t works.

I don’t know why, but the condition with the Element Attribute Change Trigger doesn’t work, and I am using the same workflow that was builded in the videoclass (I builded it together while watching).

Please, help me.

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Please show us a snap @Leonardo_Andrade

Hello @Leonardo_Andrade

Are you trying to invoke a process which you already published to orchestrator or trying to invoke from the local?

If you are trying to invoke a process in orchetrator you can watch the below video.

Thank you Rahul and Nithin, I already found the error. It was just the scope of the variables that I was using.


good to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

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