Can't install Uipath studio on windows 7

Dear administrator.
I downloaded the "UipathStudioSetup” from Uipath website (File size is 248,348 KB)
But I can’t install it on my Windows 7 PC.
Detail of log as attached file

Please help. Thankyou


Welcome to our uipath community.

We can install Uipath studio in windows 7 operating system also. Please check below prerequisites.

Is there any Antivirus installed in this machine ?

If yes then there may be chances that it will block uipath studio. Could you please disable it and then try to install it.

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@lakshman Thank you for your feedback.
I found the root cause. My downloaded file was corrupted
I downloaded again Uipathstudiosetup file (File size is 320,124 KB).
And I can run it OK.
Thank you!
On other hand. I use activities “Open Browser” but default Uipath will open Internet Explorer.
I want to open chrome instead of IE. How do I do? Please help!

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You can change Browser from BrowserType field. Please check below thread.

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