Can't Install library created from Visual Studio 2022 Community (.Net 6.0)

Hi guys,

  • I have create a simple library project that displays hello world using Visual Studio 2022 Community with .Net 6.0 and build solution for obtaining the .dll file.
  • I then created library folder and added existing file (.dll library file from VS) in NuGet Explorer, filled in meta data and saved it as package.
  • When I install it in UiPath it gives me the error can’t install this package, and it does not give further information.

If you have encountered such challenge kindly assist.

cc: @ loginerror (Maciej Kuzmicz)

From Other posts I have seen people including these and seem to work.

UiPath.Workflow.Runtime <= 6.0.0-20220401-03
UiPath.Workflow <= 6.0.0-20220401-03
System.Activities.Core.Presentation <= 6.0.0-20220318.2
System.Activities.Metadata <= 6.0.0-20220318.2

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