Cant install depedencie

Hello I cant install this dependency

It cant be found in the list

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kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @langsem

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Hi tried this one, but still no luck. It just wont appear in search feed. I have another project where it shows. so its weird

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is INCLUDE PRE RELEASE option is unchecked
if not uncheck them and search in official tab, once after official is enabled in settings tab
Cheers @langsem

Hi @langsem

Please check below screen shot.

Kommi Jeevan.

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still nothjing

UiPath Studio which version you are using?

downloaded the newest one from the site

its 11-02 beta

This version only you are using.


restart uipath studio and open manage packages type uipath.pdf check two ways
1.with check include prerelease.
2.without check include prerelease.



still nothing

If you are checking official to check Include Prerelease.

If you are checking official to Uncheck Inculde Prerelease.

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thanks worked

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