Can't indicate in excel in StudioX

Trying to indicate in excel but it is showing error in Studio X, can any one help regarding this. Thanks in advance


I am also eagerly waiting for some inputs on the same. Waiting for the UiPath person to get back to me.

Hi @harishraj,
First you have to enable it
–Tools—>and click excel AddIn

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yup done @gulshiyaa

now its working?
If its working fine mark as solution and like

No, it not working @gulshiyaa
error is"Excel Addin is installed but disabled, enable it"

Restart your microsoft application

tried every possible way @gulshiyaa

Okay have you open this and indicate your value here


restarted it and shows same error

hey @harishraj

If you want to indicate it before you want to select open Excel workspace


and there you want to place your value and save before using that excel close the excel and indicate it

Before indicating the excel close the excel and after indicate the value

go to this

And click conform


have you tried to enable the adding from excel ?
In excel application, go to options, addins-> com addins and check the uipath addin , save and restart.
let me know how it works.

What office version do you have?

Hi, I have the same error.