Can't get consistent data from multiple documents that have the same format

I’m trying to simply store the value pictured in the top right from multiple documents. My goal is to cycle through each pdf and obtain each total expense. I have no problem with cycling through the pdfs, but “get text” will not capture these values for me. How can I edit these selectors to achieve what I want?


(assuming you can highlight the text and it is not an image)
First thing is try to see if you can select the element where the text is. You can try this with UiExplorer and test different UI Frameworks:

If no success, try turning on the Assistive Technology for the pdf file, which I think you can do by Ctrl+Shift+5 (I might be wrong). Also, there is information on this elsewhere on the forums if you look for it.

Now, if selecting the element is no help, then you will need to get the text of the entire document. Use Read PDF to text activity to store the data to a string, then use string methods to pull in the value right before the “Total amount”. This method might actually be the preferred way most times, since it doesn’t need elements.

(assuming it is image-based and you can’t highlight the text)
In this scenario, you will need to probably use Find OCR Text Position or Find Image on the “Total amount”, then use the element variable with a Set Clipping Region activity to move the box over the amount, and use Get OCR Text. This method might be a little more challenging.

If you post the actual PDF document file, someone might be able to produce your required result.