Can't get community version download link for my country

We use the enterprise version of UIpath for the company i work for in Beirut, Lebanon. As a developer i wanted to get the Community version for practice - however whenever I request it I get an email saying "We are sorry but due to legal constraints, we unfortunately cannot allow users from an unidentified country or from your country to download our software."

Can someone please clarify - We have the enterprise license - but can’t get the community version!!!

thank you in advance - any clarification is greatly appreciated

@boghosy - Welcome to UiPath forum!

I would suggest to contact the UiPath support team at the below link. Use your company email ID when submitting the form.


Do you want to install community version in the same system where Enterprise edition was installed before ?

In that case, we can’t install community version once Enterprise edition activated. For more details please contact UIpath support people and may be they will help you.


don’t worry about the enterprise - we are in the process of getting an enterprise developer license for my machine in the company to continue developing.

But i would like to install the Community version on my personal machine (has nothing to do with the company). I have tried to request the community version using both this gmail account and the company email in both cases i’m getting the message that download not allowed for my country.

is there a workaround for that.

thank you in advance

take care

May I know your country name ?

He is not able to download community edition. Please help him @ovi @loginerror @badita

yes sure


and the company i work for is Azadea


Hi @boghosy

Please contact our licensing support to solve this particular issue. Some countries are legally not allowed to receive the link, but if there are no issues in procuring the Enterprise edition, there shouldn’t be any in downloading the Community Edition.

If you explain your situation to our support, I’m sure they will help you out :slight_smile: