Can't find the robot in the tenant

Actually, I created a machine in the tenant

After that i try to add a robot but i can’t find it.

*** can any one help to create a robot***

Hi @krishna_priya

Hi @krishna_priya

Check out the video link


I follow her video
but in my orchestrator
these is no Configured robot and classic robot

Hello @krishna_priya

There are few steps required to do it.

  1. First need to allocate the license
    2)Create the machine
  2. Tag robot
    4)Add the machine key in the assistant to make a connection.

Check my below video to do it. :arrow_down:


To create a robot go to Admin → Accounts & Groups → Robot accounts → Add Robot Account

Then go to Tenant → Manage Access → Assign roles → Assign roles → Robot account