Can't find some activities, and must reinstall the packages every time

i just installed the newer version of Uipath Studio 2018.4.0 community edition
and i can’t find several activities: find element, wait for element to vanish, hotkey trigger, bring window to front, make the window active …
Also i have to reinstall all the packages every time i begin a new project
what should I do to solve the problem??

The same problem i am also facing, I have to reinstall some of the packages every time when i have to use like uipath.python.activities .

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Hi @othmane @ig250097

Since 2018.3, this is an expected behaviour and comes from the idea of better management of the project dependencies.

However, if you find yourself in a need to often install particular dependencies, please look into the new feature of Custom Templates introduced with 2018.4. See here for more information: