Can't find orchestrator link or learning path

Hello Academy,

I’ve completed RPA foundation training. I’m unable to find orchestrator training link or foundation learning path. Only advanced learning path is coming on my academy homepage dashboard. Enclosed is the screenshot

Hi @ramawat,

I think it’s hidden which browser are you using.
Try to update your browser.
Use latest version.

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi Arivu,

I’ve tried in Chrome & IE both but unable to see the desired info.

When I tried opening the shared link, I see all the normal information on web page however an error appears on the page. Again tried it in IE & Chrome both. I see there is some problem with my account. Can you please engage tech team too look into it.

@ovi, @badita can any one look on this issue

You should be able to find it by clicking on the “RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan” in the right sidebar under “Learning Plans”. I had the same thing with the Advanced Training.

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I checked “RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan” as well. Once, I navigate into that option, I can see plans but I dont see any link which I can click & opt-in to enroll for orchestrator training even though I’ve completed foundation training (please see previous screenshots for reference).

Please advise.

Click Subscribe so you can access the course from the learning plan.
Andra T.


Thanks Andra, that was helpful.

Few inputs to UiPath team,
I must say its not user friendly experience to opt-in this option where conventionally subscribe has other inferences. Also, removal of foundation plan and having orchestrator training as part of advanced plan is confusing, its not FAQ mentions clearly.
Moreover, the red remark to complete the foundation training to unlock orchestrator training is misleading as I’ve had already completed it, it should unlock rest eligible steps automatically.
If there are multiple plans then it make sense to “subscribe” it, but if only one option then automatically system should enroll a candidate and start unlocking next steps as one clears prerequisite.

@ovi, @badita

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