Can't find element after n number of loops

Hi, guys! So I am stuck and i would appreciate your help. I have 218 users and my bot must loop through all this users. So it selects the first user, then it clicks ‘change user’ button and selects second user, then the third user and so on. The thing is it works on about 120 users. after the concrete I user called Mari it throws error. The error says it can’t find the element ‘change user’. I am trying almost a week to figure it out what is happening here. There is no difference between the selectors. ‘change user’ selectors don’t change. But after this particular person, the program just stops and doesn’t recognize ‘change user’ element anymore. Any ideas what’s wrong? P.S there is no delay problem. The page loads fully. I used delay but makes no difference. So this problem is not caused by not fully loaded page or something like that.