Can't find “Add to Collection” activity after update in Oct 2022

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I can not find “Add to Collection” activity after update in Oct, I used the free community version

Let us know the used version of:

Have a look for the newer replacement
Append to Collection Activity

Improved: v22.4.1 Relased: 21.10.2

Duplicate : Can not find “Add to Collection” activity after update in Oct

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But the the interface was totally different, I am not sure how to use append to collections

@liyang51999 ,

I do not think there is an update on the documentation of the latest release activities yet, But you could try out and Check yourself and let us know where you are facing difficulties with the Activity.

Those who have already used the new Collection Activities could also help in assisting you here. Just mention the specifics of what you are not able to perform after a first try yourself.

@liyang51999 ,

Please follow this post

@liyang51999 ,
you have to downgrade the Uipath.system.activity as per the post, then you will find add to collection activity.

But if you try to follow the new release you can use “Append to Collection” activity

Thanks, I 'd like to try append to collection, but failed . I want to create a sequence to remove duplicated attend record and save it. but failed to input correct variables in activity “append to collection”.could you kindly suggest , thanks!
Assign : workdatelist= new List(Of String) From{“20210101”,“20210102”,“20210102”,“20210103”}

I put the append to collections in the body ,but error message as following

sorry, I am new learner, not sure how to check activity version

thank you, I have reference the guide, but even I downgrade to 22.4.5, still can not found add to colleltion :sweat_smile:

Hi @liyang51999 search this

@liyang51999 ,

You would need to Downgrade the UiPath.System.Actvities package to 22.4.5.

Note: If Activities used from 22.10, it might result in a missing activity error.

Thanks, but not append to list in my version then.

I have downgrade to 22.4.5. find "add to collection ",but it seems the variable argument as following ,appreciated if you can suggest, I have put Hashset to Body in For each

Please kindly refer to activity version as following, thanks!


Use “Append item to collection” activity as a replacement for “Add to Collection” activity.
I have tested it and found it is working.