Can't filter files with for each file in folder activity according to file's extensions

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provide here a pattern e.g. *.xlsx for Excel

However can elaborate more on your case. What is to achieve?

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Here from a folder i want to get all the files inside and also want extensions of the files , how can i apply for a filter for all the files which have different extensions , is there any expression that works with this loop.

filtering for all files: *.*

Sir but here i want to filter multiple extension at time! because i want to do sorting of file based on the file type.

the pattern syntax is not supporting a pattern specifying a set of extension

You can do e.g (one of multiple options)

Assign activity
LHS: FoundFilePaths | String( ) - String Array

(From fi in New DirectoryInfo(YourPath).GetFiles()
Where {".XLSX", ".PDF", ".DOCX"}.Contains(fi.Extension.toUpper)
Select x = fi.FullName).toArray

Another option is to simply leave the “Filter by” form field blank… or no filtering… or everything. Not every form needs to be filled. UiPath’s user interface can be very trying at times.


You mean to say assign activity would be place in do section Can you share screenshot please appreciate

Thanks in Advance

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