Can't fill inn the Robot Key?

I’m trying to connect my robot to Orchestrator, but it is not possible to fill in the robot key or URL?


What error you are getting?

Don’t get any erro, the fields are just blank and not “active”

restart your Uirobot.exe and try

Uninstall and install the software, looks like that worked.

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I have the same problem. And after uninstall/install the software I still have not information about Robot Key :frowning:

Any idea?

Exit from UiPath Robot… Restart UiPath Robot services… and then try…

Nothing change…empty fields…


Are you guys administrator on the machine with the logged in user? It is a requirement to configure UiRobot.
Are you able to access/Edit the file under C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.settings?


yes, i am administrator.

Are the Textboxes just empty or you also cannot enter any text on them?


I provide prtscn, to be clear that we discuss about the same issue. I can put info in fields, but I have not it :frowning:

Alright, so this is the normal functioning state.

This part of the interface is used if you would like to connect a robot to Orchestrator.

You need to provision a robot on the website an enter the Orchestrator URL & the robot that you get out of this process.

Full description under.


Thank you! Now everything should be ok…if i will be able to open…yesterday everything was ok. Now “wrong password or user name”. It make me crazy-)

academy2016 is the old Orchestrator training environment, still active, but I recommend using, as this is the new one (2018.1).

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Thank you! It is working for me now-) I think that UIPATh team should change a person who wrote Training explanation on the web…really, for a beginner, information (study cases) is not completely clear

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How was it resolved?
I am facing the same issue.

What should be the Robot Key


Got it: