Can't fiend get orchestrator credential activity

Hi, I want to use the get orchestrator credential activity but when I search for it, it didn’t appear.Please how do I get it?

you need to use get credential activity. ,if it is not found, check in manage packages you should have uipath.credentail.package activity installed

I have installed uipath.credential.package activity but it only this image appeared

Is your UIpath.core.activities installed ?

UiPath.System.Activities should be included

how do I install uipath.core.activities

Go to manage packages and select “All Packages” then search for the UiPath.Core.Activities and include that by clicking on Install, Then save and close the Packages window.

Same thing


Once Check Get Credential activity is there or not in your activities panel.

Get credential activity didn’t show

Can you show the installed packages in your uipath ?

Can you show the installed packages in your uipath ?

Hi @RPA-botDev,

As @sarathi123 suggested, please, install UiPath.System.Activities package:

You can find get Credential activity under Orchestrator/Assets:


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Thanks, I deleted the old uipath.system.activities package and reinstalled, was able to find it

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