Can't execute unattended robot using Java application. Click timeout when remote machine is closed


I’m trying to lauch a robot on a remote machine that uses a Java application. The problem is that the operations that iteract with the app only are executed correctly when the remote machine window is visable/open. When I try to lauch the process via orchestrator without the machine being open I get timeouts on the operations(e.g Click ‘check box’: Timeout reached.).

Any ideia what this could be?

Thank you,

hi @alvaro.j.nobre

i faced this issue, you can restart the system that you are accessing it via RDP,

if issue still you can install the program “UiPath remote runtime” on the server.

Hi @alvaro.j.nobre

For automating minimized apps you could use Simulate flag for input actions (click, for example), which should work in the background (however, not all the elements support Simulate actions by default).

Usually in click activity we will be having two options to run in background

simulate click property
Sendwindowmessage property

Try to enable any one of these and check which one suits your application and it will help you run in background as well

Hope this would help you

Cheers @alvaro.j.nobre

It turns out that the problem occurs whenever there’s an interaction with the graphic interface and the robot runs in unattended mode. It’s not just a problem with the Java app.

Turns out that the unattended robot was not installed.

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