Can't Execute bot from local machine orchestrator after sign out from remote desktop

Hi i am trying to execute bot from local machine through orchestrator

So, when I execute bot, while Remote desktop already login /open condition, Run time available and connected as shown in image below the bot status is success.

then after I sign out from Remote desktop, Runtime and connected become 0 and no Host name available as shown in image below

Also the status is disconnected

Please someone help me

Thanks in advance.

Robot has to be installed in service mode on the server.

Thanks for the reply @postwick , Can you please describe the steps to change bot to service mode on server, thanks.

You have to reinstall it and check the “install as service” box.


In service mode, the robot is installed as a Windows service and it runs in the background as a system process. This means that the robot is always running, even when you are not logged in to the remote desktop.

So ensure your installation is done as service mode

Have a view on this for steps to install Rohit on service mode

Cheers @jai_kumar2