Can't detect a button in emulator

I can’t click on a button in a imulator


Hy @hhaline2,

Try using the repair button on the selector, Uipath will try to figure it out the selector on itself

Please let me know if it works
Any questions please let me know


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it didn’t work :cry:

Hi @hhaline2,

Please try to F3 or F4 changes will effect for select region for indicate on screen

Omkar P

Hy @hhaline2,

If this did not work you must try the ‘Open Ui Explorer’ option in the bottom left of the selector page. There you will see all elements of the component Uipath is able to capture.

Check it out and let me know


it worked thanks but I did the same thing for “element exists”, when I click “modify the selector” I cannot find the codesupp

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