Can't create a robot, and cant delete robot; unexpected error #100

Hello All! Let me share my woes here.

I was trying to register for a new standard robot in the new Uipath Cloud Platform, but failed.

I thought it may be due to my computer having been linked as a new standard machine in the older platform, so I tried to delete it, but instead it is giving me an issue by not even allowing me to delete it.

I have posted a couple of links below to show you guys what I am experiencing. Any more information required I will respond asap (I am motivated to finish the advanced developer certification after all, and June is ending).

Please note that my Uipath robot has no processes running and is disconnected from any machine. I also cannot connect to my old mach


Trying to delete robot link:
Trying to create robot:

Same here, Cant create and delete Robot
I am also getting time out while connecting UI Robot


It’s fixed now