Can't Create a new Queue Item

Hi Everyone,
Am trying to follow the first lesson in the advanced training. However, when I try to create a new Queue with Dispatcher name and description when I press the create button no action taken. Is there any limitation on the number of queues to be created or am missing something else.
Appreciate your prompt response.

Can you post the screenshot of what you are trying for better understanding @mozahra

I hope there is no limitation for the number of queues to be added

@HareeshMR thanks for your prompt response. please check the screenshot

when i press the create button nothing is happing and the same window doesn’t close

Can you please try logging off and clearing the cache and again logging in @mozahra ?

The same thing is clearly working for me. I don’t think a robot running background will cause issue, but if there is any robot running, try creating a queue once the execution completes. and make sure the robot is connected to machine and you have assigned the robot to a environment :slight_smile:

@HareeshMR no it didn’t help to clear the cache. I am not sure why this is happening.

@UiPathMaster Appreciate your support, please

Can you try in someother browser @mozahra? May be IE

It worked with Opera browser. no idea why this is happening

Yeah, Sometimes we got the browser issues and there are some other errors often posted in forum. No problem. The team is going to make everything stable and working soon :slight_smile: @mozahra

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Thanks for your support appreciated

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