Can't convert "json.linq.jvalue" to "system.string" AND "read range: root element is missing" AND "column number must be between 1 and 16384"

Hi all,

Im writing and reading lots of Excel files during my process.
Process was running fine last couple of days. Now all of a sudden I get first the following message on a “random” Excel:
Write Range: “invalidrangeexception: column number must be between 1 and 16384”.

On the next read range on that very same Excel (which was working fine a couple of minutes before) I then get the following:
System.XML: root element is missing - Cant convert json.linq.jvalue to system.string.

What is going wrong?

Excel supports 16384 columns. You are writing value to column or trying to access which does not exist. For jvalue error, need more detailed information or you can convert using convert.ToString(jvalue).