Can't continue with workflow workflow


I am doing a workflow in internet explorer, and I used the ReFramework to do it.

I did a workflow on Login, and it login to that page.

The login page disappear, and appear a new page to do the workflow.

I can’t continue my workflow from there, but if I use debugging mode on “Step Into” activity, it work!!

Can anyone tell me how to continue my workflow without using the “step into” activity, but can flow through using the normal process? Where can I have possibly did wrong based on your experience?

Thanks for Your Help :slight_smile:


Hi @siaochuenchong,

can you share the output pane while running your code? Are there any error logs?

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Hi @siaochuenchong

I think it is working in debug mode because when you do the debug mode all of the uielements in the form is now avaible.You can do alot of way to handle the issue.

1.You can check if the element is exist
2.You can put some delay on it

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Hi @pattyricarte,

That works just right for me! Thanks Patty! :smiley:

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