Can't connect to Orchestrator Platform

Hello everybody,

I’m facing an issue this morning, I’m not able to connect to my orchestrator platform.
Everything seems to be up, I can access to “Users” page, “Services” page for example, but I can access to my service.
I am the Owner of this service and I get this screen :

I have other users on my service and they can’t log neither.

After a little investigation, I unlock the situation for the other accounts by Editing their account, delete the right to access to the service, saving, and giving back this right… But I’m not able to do it for my own account, because the owner can’t lost access to a service.

If you have any idea… :slight_smile:


I have the same problem

I don’t have this problem anymore today.
What about you @arturo.juan ?

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This issue was spotted and fixed yesterday. Please let us know in case it is still happening.

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It’s solved for me too. Thank you.

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FYI - The issue was because of an Auth0 incident that they fixed promptly. Details here:

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