Cant connect Excel scope after any activity

Hello may I ask on how to connect excel scope after any activity.

I got an error everytime I connect.

No Error :

But when I connect :


hi @johnine

will you please share the screenshot of excel scope after expand it because you have missed something inside this what you are using.


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@aksh1yadav Hi Sir

Heres the screenshots:

not connected:

connected after for each:

Looks like B datatype is correct. Is B variable or argument? If argument, what’s the direction? If in/out, change it to In and try(I googled).
If none, please wait for others to respond.

Hi @johnine

This issue is related with “Type Coercion”.

Type Coercion - Type Coercion is the conversion of one type of object to a new object of a different type with similar content.

This issue occurs because OutArguments in a workflow are saved as location expressions (or l-value expressions). Location expressions must exactly match type of their bound OutArgument. Type conversion to coerce types is not allowed.

But when i removed all variables and tried to reassign the same variables like B as an output it is taking.

please find attached sample workflow and let me know :slight_smile:

Sample-Workflow.xaml (7.7 KB)

Advice @johnine - Your Naming Convention for variables naming should be like standard and you should always follows the best naming convention not like “a,b…” so on.


Hi Sir @aksh1yadav
I still got an error

Hi all I don’t have an error but everytime I connect it after any activity this error comes out.

Hi Sir @aksh1yadav I tried your Sample-Workflow still I have that error .
BTW your sample workflow is not connected after any activity . In my case I also dont have an error
but like I said every time I connect this error shows.

Hi all,

Got the problem solved.
I just changed the datatype of String
to GenericValue.

Thanks for usual support :slight_smile:

specially to @aksh1yadav and @vvaidya