Can't complete my course

Hello World,

I’m stuck with Current latest version on UiPath

My teacher(guru) [Leon Petrou]
have made the UiPath course in the year of 2018 and now its 2023
whatever he is teaching is crossing my head not because he is very hard to grash but its just because of the difference in the UiPath edition

I really want to learn everything about UiPath
but i cant repeat what my guru says in course because of this 2018 vs 2023 UiPath edition
everything is soo different i cant understand or practically do it by myself.

Here are two images to provide you with real examples
My guruji UiPath

Please help me i got this tutorial just because of its high rating
and i really want to complete it.

Try enabling, in the activities filters, the classic activities, if they are not enabled.

it’s clear that compared to the course version, the software has made 50 steps forward. But it is equally true that you will be able to follow it.

In any case, having finished this course, I recommend that you keep up to date with the free courses on the academy

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