Can't Community Edition User Create Unattended Robot in Orchestrator?


Do i need Unattended Robot or Development Robot?

Can you please make me more clear and confident by saying YES or NO.


go for development robot buddy
Cheers @kashyapvyas

but i would like to make you clear with what is the difference between development and unattended robot

thats why
dont mistake buddy @kashyapvyas

any issues still buddy @kashyapvyas


I am so sorry for this confusion. sorry.

Do i need Unattended Robot or Development Robot for my Use Case?


No worries buddy @kashyapvyas
kindly answer me this one and lets go one step at a time…
what edition of orchestrator you are going to use now …?




So as you can see here we are provided with only two robots,

you may ask what are those two robots types are…yes they are Development robots
again you may ask we are running bots without human intervention, then it must be a unattended robot righ…? is the point development robots has also the features of unattended robots

and finally you can ask .“fine what are the features of unattended and development robots…that make them different with their names?”
yes…development and unattended robots are same till 99 %, but they differ in that 1%,
will help you to connect ONLY TO YOUR SYSTEM…

thats why community edition are given in free to each and everyone to make use of the orcehstrator TO RUN THEIR OWN STUDIO…and as you have that edition you have to use that development robot type while creating robot in the robot tab…(still keep in mind that it has the features of unatteded robot, but you can connect to your studio alone…and if you want to connect some other machine to your orchestrator…you must have a enterprise edition buddy)

hope i made it clear…no worries buddy…see this
still not clear…let us know…its easy
for more info
cheers buddy @kashyapvyas

any issues still buddy @kashyapvyas


Got it. Then how my first activity “Start Process” working in remote computer from Orchestrator successfully? It should not run anything as describe in your below comment:

(still keep in mind that it has the features of unatteded robot, but you can connect to your studio alone…and if you want to connect some other machine to your orchestrator…you must have a enterprise edition buddy)


Another Ask# (already asked earlier to @Lahiru.Fernando)

My colleague downloaded 60 day trial version for Enterprise Edition , and after that when he created a new Account/Tenant in Orchestrator he used same Email ID which is registered while downloading Enterprise Edition.


When he logged in Orchestrator, license screen displays Community License (rather than showing Enterprise) for him and available 2 development robots only.

So here now even we have Enterprise Edition with 60 day trial, don’t we eligible for 2 Unattended Robots for 60 days?

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If you are connecting to this is the community edition of Orchestrator. In this instance you will ONLY be provided two development robots per tenant which allow you to connect any instance type (Community or Enterprise/Trial) of Studio.

The fact that you have a Trial/Enterprise version of Studio does not change the edition of Orchestrator.

The difference between Studio CE and Studio EE is that there is no professional support (outside of the helpful forum community) and UiRobot does not get installed or run as a service.

If you are wanting to run a process in an unattended state, you will need to contact sales to purchase Orchestrator and an unattended robot license (As far as I am aware).



Thanks for making me more clear.


But, still i didn’t get answer of my first question:

how my first activity “Start Process” working in remote computer from Community Orchestrator successfully?

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Buddy may i know how you are trying to connect to remote system, from your machine or directly in the remote system buddy…
Cheers @kashyapvyas


Running job through Orchestrator, which gives command to Robot deployed on remote computer and then that robot runs (my first activity “Start Process”) successfully on same remote computer.

I hope i am clear.

Thank you for your time and response.

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My assumption is that you either are running the process on the Robot associated with the Machine that has the Trial/Enterprise Edition of Studio, therefore it is running the UiRobot Service and available to run the job.

Or you have Community Edition of Studio is active and open on the host, in which case it will also run the process indicated by the Job.

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Hi @kashyapvyas

Things change fast here at UiPath :slight_smile:
As per our current banner announcement: UiPath Cloud Platform - Public Preview

Thus, we increased the Community Plan offering for your benefit. You now have 2 Development Robots to use with your Studios, 2 Attended and 1 Unattended Robots. For free! :money_with_wings:

Keep in mind that to make sure your unattended automation runs smoothly when scheduled via Orchestrator, you will need to install the Robot component from the .MSI installer on the target machine.

This is now possible because:
Studio can now be directly downloaded from the Cloud Platform. No more unreceived emails, no more forms. Plug and play. Actually it’s Click and Download. Both EXE and MSI installers are available. The difference between them is that EXE installer installs the Robot Agent service that is active only per logged-in user session → this means that you will not be able to schedule processes on the machine unless you are already logged in. The MSI installer installs Robot Agent service for the entire machine, which allows Orchestrator to communicate with the machine even if all users are logged out.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Working with ‘community edition’ and a bit confused… - Until now I only used a development robot. When opening Orchestrator CE I only have one default user (admin). I’m just wondering how I go ahead to set up an attended or unattended robot next to the development one. Do I need to use/have an additional machine for that? And if so, do I have to create a separate user for that? How to create such an additional user within the community plan?

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After logging into the Cloud Platform you can view your current available Robot types under the Licenses view

If you would like to have another [human] user access one of your Orchestrator instance, you can invite them through the Users view.

Allocate your available robots to your Orchestrator instance under the Services view and editing your Service instance


Once allocated, you can open the particular service instance of Orchestrator and add your Robots in the Robots module.

If you need additional information than that, I would suggest searching the forums as there have been a lot of questions about it since it was released. As well as the documentation as @loginerror already linked above.


Ok, thanks Tim!

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