Can't click on Change Credentials

Change Credentials
Hi all, I want to click on change credential every time the bot opens the application however it is not working. I’ve tried simulate click. Please advise.

Set WaitForReady as Complete and Change Click to Send Window from Simulate.
Or Try with Click Text Activity instead of Click.

Hey, thank you for your reply. I tried both, but unfortunately, doesn’t work.

Have you tried with Click image Activity?


Use Find element

Find Element:

  1. Check continue on error and WaitForReady->Complete
  2. Wait Active->True
  3. Wait Visible-> True

Create one output variable for Find element and pass this UiElement to Click->Don’t indicate it on screen->Just pass the Target->UiElement

Turn off the Simulate to Click activity


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Yes, doesn’t work.

Trying now.

This Works. Thank you.

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