Can't click ok for save file in firefox?

Can’t click OK for download file (in popup firefox)


I use 'click text’ activity or “send hot key” etc. but now working. (can’t indicate button only, it can indicate for all popup)

Please guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay
Have you tried by selecting the “region”(In case you dont know of selecting region>>i.e, You need to drag your mouse across the okay button)
if not try that and also you can use
“Click image” Activity

I wonder if, like Chrome, you can just set defaults in Firefox for what it does with a file when you click the link. I set Chrome to save to the Downloads folder automatically without prompting, and then write my automations to get the file from the Downloads folder.

Hi @fairymemay !

Did you try to use attach window, and inside its scope put a “Click” activity ?
Maybe also you should try to double click to have a result.

Let us know !

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