Can't click element

I am trying to click on ‘DC Docs - Cabinet Layouts’ in the Box that appears after you click ‘Design Center Docs’. The problem is while selecting selector in UiPath after clicking ‘Design Center Docs’ and hitting F2 to wait 3 seconds, the other box disappears when the 3 seconds finish. How can I click on the ‘DC Docs - Cabinet Layouts’? Thanks!!


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Once after pressing F2 move the cursor to the new population window in the right side so that it won’t disappear when that three seconds gets over
When time reaches 1 seconds out of three click move to the right side after clicking make sure that cursor is there inside the new pop up so that it won’t displayer

Still if it disappears use send hot key key activity with key either right as a first key and then down or up key as how we do with keyboard instead of mouse and that would work for sure

SImple isn’t it

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or w
Cheers @jaspreet1003