Can't change from StudioX to Studio

I’ve followed all the steps from every other question on this forum about being unable to change from the StudioX to Studio edition. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out and logged back in, nothing is working. I’ve tried to install from both the studio trial page and I’ve installed from cloud download link.

Please advise.

It seems that you have activated already a local standalone license that will give you access only to StudioX on your Studio machine.

  • Try to close any UiPath StudioX application instances in your Task Manager.
  • Then open cmd.exe and run "C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.LicenseTool.exe" deactivate
  • Open UiPath Studio → Settings → License and Profile → Change Profile → UiPath Studio → Restart UiPath Studio

Hello @eseabock ,

Check the detailed steps:


I am also getting this issue, please help, not getting Switch profile option in “Settings > Licensee and Profile”

  • Provide a screenshot from Studio → Home (we need to see the bottom left screen)
  • Provide a screenshot from UiPath Studio → Settings → License and Profile → Change Profile → UiPath Studio
  • Provide a screenshot from UiPath Assistant → Preferences → Orchestrator Settings
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Dear Marian,

I am also facing the same issue in community edition.

Please find the mentioned screenshots below,


You cannot change to Studio profile because you have assigned from Orchestrator the Automation Express license.


Automation Express grants limited access to the following:

  • StudioX and Studio Web

    • You can only publish packages to your personal workspace.
    • Document Understanding processes and their relevant activities cannot be used.
  • Automation Cloud features, such as Orchestrator and Integration Service

    • You only have access to your Orchestrator personal workspace, and can only run attended automations.
  • UiPath Assistant

    • Assistant only displays and allows you to run processes from your personal workspace or the marketplace.

For more details check

In conclusion, work with your UiPath Cloud Administrator to unallocate your user from the Automation Express license and assign to your Attended robot user a more powerful license (UiPath - Flex - Automation Developer - Named User) which will give access to Studio Profile.

Dear Marian,

Thank you for your response.

I am able to switch back to studio now.

Best Regards

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