Can't Catch cint() assign

I am trying to do Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Practice 8, but can’t figure out, why cint() does not catch’es.

It is stated in the exercise:

2.Use two Assign activities to parse the data stored inside the Transaction queue, and store these values in two variables of type Integer32 . Don’t forget to cast the data to Integer, using the cint(TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Income”)) expression.

  1. Return to Studio to process all the items inside the queue, by using the TransactionItem is not Nothing expression. Try to throw appropriate errors when needed. Add the appropriate Set Transaction Status error messages when catching errors. Make sure the errors have meaningful names.

Here is my error:

Could you also share a screen shot of the catch part?

Hi @Yulia_Novikova

Check this

Ashwin S

@RobertD here it is:

You’re running in debug mode, what happens if you press Continue? Or if you run the workflow normally?

after first press of Continue

after second press of Continue

without Debugging it works as expected.

Got it: I have not understood, that my errors of above are how debug mode works.
Thank you!