Can't capture Right click and paste in studio X

Hope somebody could answer my question. In the below video, When I choose ‘click’ activity, and open notepad. and choose another ‘click’ to capture the paste option. It always capture ‘click editable text’ instead of ‘click menu’. I see several other people have the same problem but haven’t got answer yet. Could anybody help us to solve this? Thanks

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Hi @Gary_Guo - I just tried to replicate the behaviour and was not able to, see GIF below.
For me it also doesn’t do the past for the values like we see in your video.

In what scope are you using the Click-Activity?

I just did like your gif, I opened notepad, chose click. then go to notepad and choose paste, as you can see, after clicking on paste, the whole window got selected after.

To accomplish what I think your goal is, I wouldn’t automate the context menu to paste. I’d use the “Keyboard Shortcuts” activity to send “ctrl+v” (paste) to Notepad rather than trying to drive through the UI layer.

Regarding the UI automation specifics:

  • Go your package manager and make sure you have the most up to date version of “UiAutomationNext.Activities” (check the prerelease box)
  • Instead of using the “Confirm” window that is separate, keep focus over the “Paste” entry in the context menu after you indicate and click the little checkbox as is shown in Frank’s GIF
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The little check box only appears after the whole text edit window was select. The selection moves from ‘paste’ to the whole window right after I left click on the ‘Paste’. Please see the below video. Thanks

Can you confirm what version of the "UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities package you have (open the “Package Manager” for the project)?

cc: @Cosin

This is what I have.

Other people seem to have the same problem as me.

Thanks for including me Gary. Also, I have UiPath downloaded to my work pc and my personal pc and both have the same result when I try to set the Paste target.

Both computers have the same package version… v20.4.0-beta.891728 with an option to update it to v20.4.0-preview… Pretty sure I just updated these packages last week. Do you have to update them for every new project?

I just saw your comment Andrew… and will try this.

By default, a new project always uses the version that ships with that version of StudioX. In this case, since StudioX is still a preview product, IF you run into issues and want to use a newer version that has additional fixes, then you need to update them on a per project basis. E.g. the little blue up arrow below the version means there is a newer version available.

Nice! Updating the package version was the solution. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Mine works too. Thank you!!!

Glad to hear it, thank you for confirming