Can't assign Value in Invoke Workflow Arguments Dialogue

I am using a standard RE Framework project and having trouble with assigning the variables in the main “general business process” scope so that when they are returned as out arguments. Basic argument variable passing that has been working fine in many other projects/processes. I have an example of one that is working to demonstrate what I can’t do.

In the process that I’m having trouble with, when I enter the variables in the value column, they just aren’t saved and disappear. As a result, I can’t return any values from the invoked workflow. I’m using Studio 2018.4.5 Enterprise.

SAVE Invoked Workflow and try again

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Thanks, the project and each workflow has been saved, exited, restarted, rebooted with same result.

@Tomlin, did you click on the ‘OK’ button after you entered the variable in the value column? Values tend to disappear if you enter the value and then close the pop-up from the top-right cross.

Either that, or consider updating your Studio version to 2019.

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Thanks. Verified clicking “ok” and not exiting out. Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade right now. Here is a screenshot of the problem. There is the “Default value not supported”.

We have found a way around this. Definately not a problem in the new versions of studio. We’ll put upgrading Orchestrator/Studio on the roadmap. There is a third spot to edit arguments in the older version of studio.

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