Can't assign a column name

I am try to assign a name to a column which i have got from data scraping.

Table no.5 is the datatable i am scraping.
I am using the assign activity and assigning the second column as
ExtractDataTable.Columns(“Vehicle / Trans Doc No & Dt.”).ColumnName=“TransDocNo”
but it is giving error-
Cannot create an L-value from the given expression with property “ColumnName” because the target object is null
Any suggestions?

hi @diptojyotidutta

ensure the datatable in DataScrapping is there as Vehicle / Trans Doc No & Dt.”)


sorry @AshwinS2
Did not understood your point

Hi @diptojyotidutta

In DataScrapping are you able to view Column Name as Vehicle / Trans Doc No & Dt.

Ashwin S

yes @AshwinS2 it is the same

SHare the screenshot of DataScrapping Wizard

Ashwin S

here it is the screenshot

Hi @diptojyotidutta

Use extractiondt.columns(“vehicle/”). columnname=“Transno”