Can't append to collection of type ICollection<String>

I am using the Append to Collection activity, and I get this error compiling error:


This is my collection variable that I am trying to append to:

This is the Item I am trying to append to the collection:

And this is the activity

It seems like the output result allows only List variable. Do I need to convert from ICollection to List? Or what should I do?

Ensure that AttachmentList is of datatype: List(Of String)

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Hi @tarau_bianca,

Hope this post will help you

try with system.collections.generic.List<system.string> Variable


Well then it won’t be the same thing as using the “Append to List” activity? What is the difference between this two then, if both use lists?

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when provided which is dependend to the selectedTargetFramework as activity:

  • Append Item toList - adds 1 item to the List and is directly adding it to the same list object
  • Append Item to Collection - can add 1 or more items to a list, but will return a new fresh list on which the origin and the items to add are concatenated

As also mentioned in the link (when a not direct addition is needed, and only one item is to add)

Assign Activity:
myList = myList.Append(“MyOtherStringItem”).toList

or for multiple items

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