Can't add an unattended robot


I would like to automate a project with an unattended robot.
Currently, I am trying to add an unattended robot, but there is no + button.

Could anyone give some advice to me?

Thanks in advance.

Your Orchestrator is managed by whom?
Can you please check if you have the access rights

The orchestrator (community edition? the free ver.) is managed by myself.

I have probably found the way to add an unattended robot by adding a new user.
And now, I am facing another problem.

I typed my Username, but it keeps showing an error “The entered value should match the format ‘domain\username’.”.
What Username do I need for this?

can you give the username with domain.
You can try finding that in cmd
Run cmd > type ‘whoami’.
REsult is the username

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I got my domain and username using your method! thanks a lot.

And I got to add an unattended robot, but it seems like it’s not activated.

Do you know why it is not activated?

Hi @PeruT ,

Please go to the default folder and then click on robots. you would be able to see the add button .

I somehow do not have the Default folder on the left tab :scream:

but in your 1st screenshot it is there…

I could add an unattended robot on the default folder! thanks!

Hi @PeruT

If you’d like to give modern folders a go, see my post here on how to configure unattended robot in that scenario as well :slight_smile:

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