Cant access the body of the mail

As you can see the screenshoot, i can read the subject of the mail successfully but even i dont have any encounter a problem, the body of the mail is empty. Any solution ???

Please have a look to this thread :slight_smile:

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thanks for the effort but it didnt work

Try to use item.Body.ToString

Do not put () at the end


Could you double click to body mess in output?
I think your body have many space


If your email has the body then should definitely see it, If you have empty spaces before the body use the TRIM() function to remove the white spaces any. if your body has message in the form of Image you might not get the body too, Try converting as HTML message.

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Hi, Someone resolve this??

Hi, anyone fix it? Cause I got the same problem

Hi @JDB @tranthao240495

See this topic, it might just help:


Oh thanks a lot. It took me crazy for hours :joy: