Can't access a hover menu

I’m having an issue on clicking the Adobe button to filter out the documents. Clickable and hover actions are ignored. I even tried recording. I have no problem automating my way to the type filter option. But I can’t seem to automate clicking the radio button.

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Is there a reason to not do it through a method call? If no, search the forum for listing files in a folder.

the idea afterward to is to get the most recent adobe document based off a specific naming convention from the open file tab… I guess I could simply just search for the files based off the naming convention with .net and then find the most recent file and then automate the search tool on the top right corner then insert that most recent file and then do one more click option

Yeah, the .net methods are reliable but can be really slow if there’s many many files.

If you choose to use Explorer then I would recommend just using the search with your naming convention and wildcards, and the most recent will be listed at top I think. Then, you can do a right click, properties, and extract the folder and path, or whatever other actions you want. Like, *.pdf would give you all pdfs or filter it down further if needed.

But, only use Explorer if the other methods are too slow, in my opinion :slight_smile: